About Me

I am a Commercial Photographer specializing in Architecture and Interiors based in Toronto, Ontario. 

I've been working in the photography world since I first became a photo assistant at 16 years of age. My passion for architecture and design led me to specialize in photographing the built environment. Throughout my years working in the genre, I developed a unique visual language based on a human-centric view of architecture.  My photographs are often minimalistic and graphical while also incorporating whimsical touches of colour and movement, activating the project and making viewers picture themselves in it.  

My work has been published in Vogue Home, DesignMilk, Contemporist, and other industry-leading publications, and I am proud to have collaborated with numerous incredible architects and designers throughout my career. I love to travel-on the job or otherwise-and have lived in Brazil, Denmark, and Canada. 

In addition to my commercial and personal work, I'm also a curator and researcher investigating the relationships between photography and migration in the digital age. 

Portrait of Bruno Belli, owner and architectural photographer at Bruno Belli Photography.